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UX or User eXperience is a buzz word in the industry right now, but what does it actually mean and why should you or your clients care?

Our UX fundamentals course covers a number of different areas in a fun and interactive way that’s easy to follow. This course uses a number of techniques and media to help people understand the importance of UX and more importantly how to implement it. 

The course focuses on web design, but the reality is it’s teachings can be applied to all aspects of design. This course is merely a first stepping stone to UX but definitely a rewarding one.


Lead by Yoesra Imam

Yoesra has many talents and so works on multiple parts of Nettl (at the same time). But you can usually find Yoesra working with our Benelux & UK partners helping partners grow their businesses.

Yoesra’s background is in economics and sales but has a passion for UX and workflow and loves a mystery and problem to solve.

The course is a mixture of videos, live sessions and fast paths for the various aspects.

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