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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hand, our expert-crafted courses have you covered. Learn the basics through our onboarding process or focus on topics like SEO, building web, UX, sales or print. Our online curriculums are designed to help up-skill businesses in the graphics sector.


Nettl Academy is your ongoing journey. Our core training sessions, integral to becoming Nettl certified, are the best starting point. But there’s much more to help you find ways to grow. Your training will incorporate live online sessions, recorded videos and offline course work.


Building E-commerce

Businesses need to sell online now more than ever. This course starts with considerations to discuss when talking to clients and prospects, then moves onto selecting and setting up e-commerce platforms.


Building websites

Lessons start with the fundamentals of building websites using the Nettl Method. With wordpress at it's core, gain the necessary skills to build responsive websites from start to finish. This course builds knowledge in preparation for building more complex sites.


Building websites using Brambl

We start with the basics of installing a Brambl site, then work through the site settings, anatomy of a Brambl site before moving onto how the drag and drop builder and tool kit works. Finally we cover proofing and the set live process.


Contract Review

This course looks at how we can improve the experience each customer has. Following true to life examples and case studies of clients and looks at how we can provide consistently great customer experience, improve client relationships and pre-empt and resolve issues before they even arise.


Creating Web 2 Print Systems

Clients buying habits are changing, we need to adapt to help them order quickly online thus making them sticky customers. At the same time commodity print margins are shrinking so we need to ensure that we can process orders with simple changes really efficiently. Web 2 print systems and templates allow us to do this.


Learn to sell websites

This course focuses on matters away from the technical aspects of Web. The 5Ps Nettl Method will look at minimising the amount of 'sunken time' spent on web projects.

Topics include: Selecting the platforms; How to price sites; Marketing; Managing the initial meetings; Proposing and follow-ups.


Return to work preparation

A lot has happened this last few months. New products, services and ways of working have been developed and launched. If you've been furloughed it's important that you're up to speed with all this for when you return to work. So here's your runway to making that happen, with a few cool quizzes along the way.


Succeed with SEO

SEO is an increasingly vital part of any marketing strategy. Understanding how this works well help us add value to our clients and create recurring revenue streams for our studios. In this course we will learn what SEO is, how it works, how to sell it and how to manage the ongoing process using the Nettl method.


Using w3p Flyerlink

w3p connects you to clients. Online payments. File uploads. Proof approvals. Invoice downloads. Intelligently automating lots of little tasks. Like billing. Subscriptions. File preflighting. Work more effectively managing proposals, projects, tasks and Orders. Even use it to manage your own in-house production.


Using your w3shop

Now your print shop is built, learn how to customise and add pages to build out your site. Find out how efficiently you can process orders, take payments and use the built in CRM to understand your customers behaviour. Your online entrepreneur journey starts here!


UX Fundamentals

In this UX (User Experience) fundamentals course, we explore just what UX is and more importantly, why you need to take it very seriously. We start off with the basics before getting more in-depth with the idealogy behind UX and finish off with a live session to pull everything together in a handy one-hour session.


As specialists in helping graphics businesses promote and grow, we’ve developed training programmes that help upskill your teams and drive growth




Cups Of Coffee


We understand that developing your team is an important element of business growth. We’ve geared our courses around delivering content in a structured manner that can then be applied within your studio. At all levels. Making sure you are able to utilise all of the Nettl tools at your disposal to help grow and future-proof your graphics business.


Nettl Academy course leaders are experts in their field. All have ran successful web, design and print studios.

With a background in graphic design and Adobe Creative Suite, Simon added building and designing websites to his skill set at the start of the respsonsive websites era. With hundreds of training courses under his belt he’s well placed to introduce building sites using the Nettl Method.

Simon Tranter

Associate Director, Academy Coach

As our Business Performance Manager, Orla works with our company-owned Nettl studios to streamline their operations, improve their marketing and develop their teams. Orla will share first-hand insight throughout the training she delivers, with previous experience as studio manager in Nettl of Dublin.

Orla McManus

Business Performance Manager, Academy Coach

Daryl is an integral part of our partner performance team. Before joining our Academy, he ran Nettl of Swansea becoming an expert in digital marketing and the Nettl Method. Catch Daryl on our SEO and UX courses.

Daryl Edgecombe

Partner Performance Manager, Academy Coach

Rob was one of the first to run a Nettl studio although he’ll be economical with the truth about how long ago that was. And now leads our global partner acquisition team. He helped develop many of the web sales methods we have in place today. Catch him on our Selling Web course.

Robert Finnie

Commercial Director, Academy Coach

As our Group Chief Executive (Software Circle PLC), Gavin has been involved in rolling out the Nettl network in 8 countries across the globe and has helped develop and hone the Nettl Method over the last 10 years. Like all of our coaches he has previously ran a Nettl web, print and design studio.

Gavin Cockerill

Group CEO, Academy Coach

Chris is our Partner Performance Director. Deep down though, he’s always yearned for his tweed jacket donned with leather arm patches. Chris will provide valuable insight across the Nettl Method curriculum on exactly how Nettl partners get the best out of it.

Chris Lowe

Performance Director, Academy Coach


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