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E-commerce is a growing part of even the smallest of businesses route markets. On the Nettl :commerce course we look to start you on a journey through the sometimes complicated world of e-commerce. You will learn some of the basics of e-commerce, along with considerations you need to make for projects. We’ll cover the difference between the various platforms out there and why we concentrate on what we do. The first half of the course is more theory and discussion-based before turning our attention to the more technical aspects through fast paths and surgeries.

Lead by Daryl Edgecombe

Daryl works on our Performance and Marketing teams at Nettl and specialises in helping partners grow their businesses.

Before joining the team, Daryl ran his own Nettl studio that specialised in all things web with a particular focus around helping client sell online.

The course is a mixture of videos, live sessions and fast paths for the various aspects.

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